Friday, January 29, 2010

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up...

This is the song we should have been singing while we made these yummmmmmm-o coconut crisp cookies today. Instead I force my kids to listen to Bon Jovi, Keep the Faith:D
These cookies turned out great the kids loved them.
Here are two of my monkeys waiting for the coconut crisp cookies to be ready. I found the recipe in an old Rachael Ray magazine, please don't ask me which one because I went through 2 years worth of magazines today...I searched her website and could not find them, if you want the recipe let me know and I will pass it along.They were super easy and super fast, just what I like. I am thinking about making these for the Christmas cookie exchange next year but dressing them up a little with drizzled chocolate and other wonderfulness.

Oh and before you ask, these are NOT low carb cookies and no they are not good for my diet. But I can't deny my children the pleasure of making cookies with their mom no matter how big my arse is....

Oh yay! I found the recipe I was looking under the wrong name...opps. Here it is if you want to try it! Crunchy coconut cookies


  1. Your girls are adorable and the cookies look delicious!

  2. Definitely making those cookies! And we've been singing that song for years...great song!
    Don't normally read blogs, came on the see the sheep! lol