Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is this man that stole my husband?

He is sexy and mysterious, he is a serial killer? That's right I have lost my husband to Micheal C. Hall a.k.a. Dexter:S

I cannot say that I watch the show, I just can't handle sitting watching TV for an hour when I could be creating something in my new sewing room(the exception is American Idol and LOST). I was silly enough to buy my husband Dexter season 1 for Christmas, he watched the whole season in two days, I kid you not. Ever since he has been on a mission to get season 2,3 and 4... I seriously haven't seen him in a week, I can't wait until he comes back to me.

I miss you sweetie<3>

Not sure if you watched the Golden Globes or the SAG awards but Micheal C Hall won for best actor on both occasions. Hubby was gitty like a school girl when he won...hahahaha apparently he was on the show Six Feet Under as well, another show I didn't watch but probably should...Actually I think we have the box set of that show so technically I could watch it but probably wont.

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