Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black white and Lace all over...

I am in the process of revamping my blah IKEA sofa, I made new slip covers and now comes the fun part! dressing it up with fantastical toss cushions. The 'tuxedo' pillow is one of 3 different ones I plan to toss on the sofa or should I say chesterfield. Do people still say chesterfield? I think it is time we bring chesterfield back, don't you think?

To make this pillow I used the liner from the faux fur coat I used to make my fabulous throw as the ruffles. Cut three 2" strips 1.5x the size of your finished pillow size, then ruffle them up using the widest stitch and loosest tension on your sewing machine. I should ruffle up just the right amount with no need to adjust.

Next cut out your base fabric the size you need( I used a white cotton twill for the front and black jersey for the back side) and pin the lace pieces in place and stitch them down with a straight stitch.Then pin the ruffles in place and secure them to the pillow front.

Next you will want to add a zipper, I am new to the whole zipper thing so I don't want to explain it for fear of messing you all up. What I can tell you is you NEED to put on your zipper foot:) there are tons of great zipper installation tutorials online too. Once you have installed the zipper sew front and back sides together, right sides together, clip corners and flip and stuff:) You could also forgo the zipper all together and just stuff the pillow and slip stitch the pillow closed. I like having the zipper because with three little girls things need to be washed here quite often.

I forgot to take photos of the rest of the process:S bear with me as I am new to documenting everything I do. If you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message, I will gladly help you out:)

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