Monday, January 25, 2010

Faux fur coat to FABULOUS throw

I made this Fantastic throw for my 'new' gray sofa out of a big old faux fur coat my mother gave me. This coat had absolutely no style and it had SHOULDER PADS! I know they are coming back in style but I have to say no to this new trend....

I started with the ugly coat of course, used my trusty seam ripper to take out the lining(which I will use later:))

After you rip the liner out it should look something like this...I left the pockets in because it reminded me somewhat of a snuggie blanket:S

Next you want to cut the top part of the coat off just under the armpits.

Then take both the top and bottom layers of fabric and pin them right sides together. I chose to use a red cabbage roll minky on the reverse side because that is what I had on hand, you could also use a cotton print or pretty much anything you like. Stitch the two pieces of fabric together leaving an 8 inch opening for turning.

Once it is sewn together turn the blanket right side out and slip stitch the hole closed

WOHOOOOOOOOOOO! you now have a super comfy and warm throw to spice up your sofa:)

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  1. Thanks for the photos, going to attempt this on the weekend, using flannel on the bottom.