Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Craft room makeover part 1

Remember that mess of fabric I posted a few days ago? I bet you were all so concerned about where I was going to put it all right? ha! Well I had my hubby install some floor to ceiling,wall to wall shelving to house it all. My only problem I had once I put all the folded yardage up there, was that it was not uniform! The only solution to this problem was to ditch all the fabric I have and buy new stuff in colours that coordinated with my room!.....NOT(did I just say NOT? soooooo 90's)

I decided to make some curtains to cover the wall and hide all the fabric, but still making it accessible when I feel the urge to create. Previously I had my stash in old dresser drawers, cupboards and the odd shelf, it was very hard to see what I had on hand. I would tend to buy more instead of using what was already there. Now I can pull the curtains over and see EVERY wonderful piece of fabricy goodness, my goal for 2010 is to use up 1/3 of my stash. Stay tuned to find out what I create with it all:)

I made these curtains with three bands of fabric because that is what appealed to me most, they seemed a little bland with just the white on the top so I decided to sew some appliqued flowers on to spice it up a little. I also put orange and purple buttons in the centre of the flowers, I used the glue gun for this because I enjoy using a glue gun more than anything in the world(well maybe not anything but it is tops on my list of fun things) The bottom tier of the curtains is actually purple for some reason it shows up blue, could be the fact that I have not learned how to properly use my camera or edit them...but that is a whole other post.


  1. WOW. Those curtains look fantastic and I am bookmarking this to inspire me next time I need curtains. I even have similar fabrics in my stash.