Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jackie-Oh how I Love thee....

Well it has become pretty darn cold here in London, ON the past couple days, but that did not stop me from wearing my new wonderful spring jacket! I love it ever so much and when I put it on it reminds me of warm spring days and Cadbury mini eggs! What is your favourite mini egg colour? I enjoy the ones that crackle when you put them in your mouth.

Back to my coat....I bought it from a friend of mine for a great deal, in my opinion and it fits almost perfect. It is full of ruffly goodness and is bright white, but I love white so much I just had to have it . Are you dying to see it? I don't have a photo of me wearing it because I have yet to master the art of self portraits. I mean don't I look fantastic in this photo that I took myself;)

You can find the Jackie jacket at Matilda Jane. They have some Adorable clothes for little girls and some funky clothes for moms too! I am in love with the Finn pants and Finn skirt, one day they will be mine...muahahhahaha!

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